Combustion engine manufactures world-wide often have excellent in-house capabilities to develop engines with ultra-low fuel-derived particulate emissions. These engine manufacturers are working with Da Vinci Emissions Services as their partner to reduce the lubricant-derived particulate emissions from their engines.

As a world leader in specialized combustion engine lubrication measurements, the highly trained staff of Da Vinci Emissions Services employs advanced and proprietary measurement technologies to quantify the lubricant oil consumption and fuel dilution of an engine, and to effectively pinpoint the engine component group being the root cause for an oil consumption or fuel dilution issue.

We offer testing services directly on-site at an engine manufacturers' facility and we sell measurement systems to our customers. Our services ensure that your combustion engine product is perceived as cleaner, cheaper to maintain, more refined, and more environmental friendly by your end-customers.

We look forward for assisting your company!

Dr. Kent Froelund, President & CEO