About Us

Da Vinci Emissions Services was founded in 2005 by Dr. Kent Froelund. It is a privately held company seeking to explore market niches in the combustion engine research & development testing field.


Da Vinci Emissions Services offers specialized testing equipment targeting combustion engine research & development testing, including:

  • Real-Time Da Vinci Lubricant Oil Consumption (DALOC™) measurement system using sulfur-trace and ultra violet fluorescence (UVF) detection
  • Real-Time Da Vinci Lubricant Oil Consumption measurement of individual cylinders (DALOC-CYL) using Da Vinci Sampling Train (DAST™)
  • Real-Time Da Vinci Lubricant Oil Consumption measurement of Turbochargers on Engines (DALOC-TC-ENG) and Gas Stands (DALOC-TC-GS)
  • Real-Time Da Vinci Fuel-In-Oil (DAFIO™) measurement system using aromatic-trace and laser induced fluorescence (LIF) detection (U.S. Patent 7,839,492 B2)

Da Vinci Emissions Services also brokers in intellectual property and patent trades within its core technical area. The company name has been selected in dedication to the Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci, who was centuries ahead of his contemporaries, and who provided outside-the-box engineering solutions.


Dr. Kent Froelund, CEO and President


Dr. Froelund has over 15 years experience in automotive engine lubrication and emissions testing and consulting. He is considered an industry expert in lubricant oil consumption measurements and impact of lubricant consumption on emissions.

Dr. Froelund grew up in Denmark. He earned his M.Sc. from the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany) and his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark). He studied at numerous universities world-wide, and so was researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for almost a year.

Dr. Froelund has published about 20 technical articles, many of which made it into the eclectic SAE or ASME Transactions. He received three prominent awards from the Society of Automotive Engineers; One award for delivering a distinguished oral presentation, one for top 10 out of 3,000+ SAE written publication, and one for top 10 out of 3,000+ SAE chairmen. During 2011, he received the 2011 FLC award for Excellence in Business Tranfer. During 2013, he received the 2013 R&D 100 award.

Hobbies include road cycling, traveling, and investing.