VP of Engineering, Achates Power, located in San Diego, California
The Da Vinci DALOC system is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for performing engine oil consumption measurements. The sensitivity and accuracy of this instrument is outstanding providing unmatched diagnostic capability during engine development. The instrument is well packaged and leaves the impression of a mature product. It was therefore not surprising that the installation and commissioning of the instrument proceeded timely and without a hitch.
Manager at Intertek Autmotive Research, located in San Antonio, Texas
As a fuel and lubricant certification laboratory, we are excited to add the specialized real-time oil consumption measurement services offered by Da Vinci Emissions Services to our current range of services, since these specialized services constitute a valuable and natural business extension
Manager at Karl Schmidt Unisia, located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
As a piston manufacturer, it is critical to have access to the best real-time oil consumption measurement services available in the marketplace. We are very pleased with the services provide by Da Vinci Emissions Services in this regard.


Da Vinci Emissions Services offers our customers on-site testing services. Typically, such services end up at various automotive consulting companies. Da Vinci Emissions Services has established working relationship with multiple automotive consulting companies. For further discussions about the most suitable location for testing your engine, please inquire with Da Vinci Emissions Services.