Fuel dilution is a serious issue in contemporary combustion engines and in the worst cases it can lead to catastrophic engine failures. Technically, it is a very complex issue, which shows up in just about all combustion engine segments. In general, fuel dilution intensifies due to these drivers:
  • Direct injection gasoline or diesel engines
  • Cylinder bore downsizing
  • Pre- and post-injection strategies
  • Cold climate
  • Cold cooling water
  • Biofuels
The real-time Da Vinci Fuel-In-Oil (DAFIO™) measurement system is covered by U.S. Patent 7,839,492 B2. The DAFIO technique is derived from a UT-Battelle, LLC technology that was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Da Vinci Emissions Services, Ltd. own exclusive licensing rights to this technology. The core DAFIO technology is described in SAE paper 2007-01-4108 authored by Dr. Jim Parks and Dr. Bill Partridge (ORNL).

The ASTM standard for fuel-in-oil or fuel dilution measurement is based on an off-line gas chromatograph (GC) method. This method is only sensitive to about 0.30% fuel dilution and it requires representative lubricant sample collection, labeling, shipment, and analysis. The combined feedback time from the time an engine test is made to the time where the fuel dilution results reaches the engineer is on the order of one week or longer.

In comparison to the off-line ASTM GC method, benefits of the DAFIO system include:
  • On-line system
  • Real-time (Instantaneous fuel dilution)
  • Tracer: Aromatic, few ppm concentration in fuel. Commercially available.
  • Laser excitation: Diode-type, thermoelectric cooled; safety class 3B
  • Spectroscopic LIF analysis
  • Sensitivity: <0.01% span="">
  • Warm-up time: ~15 minutes
  • Setup time: ~15 minutes
  • Use of any liquid fuel (any fossil gasoline, diesel, synthetic, or any bio- or synthetic-fuel)
  • Use of any lubricant oils
  • Small and portable size
  • Portable weight: <100 lb="<45" kg="" span="">
  • Power: USB from laptop
  • Laptop based data acquisition
  • CE_Logo certified version in development

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